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Replacement for TOSHIBA Satellite A665D-S5174, TOSHIBA Portege M, Satellite L, M Series, TOSHIBA Qosmio T550, Qosmio T560, SS M52, T350, T551, Equium U400, Portege M800, Satellite M300, M305, U400, U405, U500, Satellite Pro M300, Pro U400, Pro U500 Series Laptop Battery

Replacement for TOSHIBA Satellite A665D-S5174, TOSHIBA Portege M, Satellite L, M Series, TOSHIBA Qosmio T550, Qosmio T560, SS M52, T350, T551, Equium U400, Portege M800, Satellite M300, M305, U400, U405, U500, Satellite Pro M300, Pro U400, Pro U500 Series Laptop Battery
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3 Years Warranty

  • Product ID: AUSTB074
  • Compatible Part Numbers:
    PA3636U-1BAL, PA3636U-1BRL, PABAS118

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 10.80V
  • Capacity: 7800mAh
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 219.00 x 69.70 x 20.20 mm
  • Weight: 469.02 g
  • Note: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
  • Inventory: In Stock
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  • * Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

    Toshiba Satellite A665D-S5174

    Toshiba Portege M Series
        Portege M801, Portege M802, Portege M803, 
        Portege M805, Portege M806, Portege M807, 
        Portege M808, Portege M810, Portege M819, 
        Portege M820, Portege M821, Portege M822, 
        Portege M823, Portege M825, Portege M830, 
        Portege M900 

    Toshiba Satellite L Series
        Satellite L310, Satellite L311, Satellite L312, 
        Satellite L315, Satellite L317, Satellite L322, 
        Satellite L323

    Toshiba Satellite M Series
        Satellite M301, Satellite M302, Satellite M306, 
        Satellite M307, Satellite M308, Satellite M310, 
        Satellite M311, Satellite M319, Satellite M320, 
        Satellite M321, Satellite M323, Satellite M325, 
        Satellite M326, Satellite M327, Satellite M328, 
        Satellite M330, Satellite M331, Satellite M332, 
        Satellite M333, Satellite M336, Satellite M338, 
        Satellite M339

    Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T550 Series
        Dynabook Qosmio T550/T4BB, Dynabook Qosmio T550/T4BW 

    Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T560 Series

        Dynabook Qosmio T560/T4AB, Dynabook Qosmio T560/T4AW

    Toshiba Dynabook SS M52 Series

        Dynabook SS M52 220C/3W, Dynabook SS M52 253E/3W 

    Toshiba Dynabook T350 Series

        Dynabook T350/34BB, Dynabook T350/34BR, Dynabook T350/34BW, 
        Dynabook T350/46BB, Dynabook T350/46BR, Dynabook T350/46BW, 
        Dynabook T350/56BB, Dynabook T350/56BR, Dynabook T350/56BW

    Toshiba Dynabook T551 Series
        Dynabook T551-58B, Dynabook T551-58BB, Dynabook T551-58BW, 
        Dynabook T551-D8B

    Toshiba Equium U400 Series
        Equium U400, Equium U400-124, Equium U400-145, 
        Equium U400-146

    Toshiba Portege M800 Series
        Portege M800, Portege M800-101, Portege M800-105, 
        Portege M800-106, Portege M800-107, Portege M800-10A, 
        Portege M800-10C, Portege M800-10D, Portege M800-10N, 
        Portege M800-10V, Portege M800-10W, Portege M800-113, 
        Portege M800-116, Portege M800-11B, Portege M800-11F, 
        Portege M800-11G, Portege M800-11J, Portege M800-701

    Toshiba Satellite M300 Series
        Satellite M300, Satellite M300-600, Satellite M300-700-R, 
        Satellite M300-900, Satellite M300-J00, Satellite M300-ST3401, 
        Satellite M300-ST3402, Satellite M300-ST3403, Satellite M300-ST4060 

    Toshiba Satellite M305 Series
        Satellite M305, Satellite M305-S4815, Satellite M305-S4819, 
        Satellite M305-S4820, Satellite M305-S4822, Satellite M305-S4826, 
        Satellite M305-S4835, Satellite M305-S4848, Satellite M305-S4860, 
        Satellite M305-S49052, Satellite M305-S4907, Satellite M305-S4910, 
        Satellite M305-S4915, Satellite M305-S4920, Satellite M305-S49201, 
        Satellite M305-S49203, Satellite M305-S4990E, Satellite M305-S4991E, 
        Satellite M305D-S4828, Satellite M305D-S4829, Satellite M305D-S4830, 
        Satellite M305D-S4831, Satellite M305D-S4833, Satellite M305D-S48331, 
        Satellite M305D-S4840, Satellite M305D-S4844, Satellite M305D-S48441

    Toshiba Satellite U400 Series
        Satellite U400, Satellite U400-108, Satellite U400-10I, 
        Satellite U400-10J, Satellite U400-10L, Satellite U400-10M, 
        Satellite U400-10N, Satellite U400-10O, Satellite U400-10T, 
        Satellite U400-112, Satellite U400-11L, Satellite U400-11Q, 
        Satellite U400-11T, Satellite U400-12P, Satellite U400-12R, 
        Satellite U400-134, Satellite U400-13T, Satellite U400-144, 
        Satellite U400-14B, Satellite U400-14M, Satellite U400-14P, 
        Satellite U400-15B, Satellite U400-15E, Satellite U400-15G, 
        Satellite U400-16P, Satellite U400-17H, Satellite U400-183, 
        Satellite U400-189, Satellite U400-217, Satellite U400-21P, 
        Satellite U400-221, Satellite U400-22N, Satellite U400-22Z, 
        Satellite U400-23L, Satellite U400-C01, Satellite U400-ST3301, 
        Satellite U400-ST3302, Satellite U400-ST5404, Satellite U400-ST6301

    Toshiba Satellite U405 Series
        Satellite U405, Satellite U405-S2817, Satellite U405-S2820, 
        Satellite U405-S2824, Satellite U405-S2826, Satellite U405-S2830, 
        Satellite U405-S2833, Satellite U405-S2854, Satellite U405-S2856, 
        Satellite U405-S2857, Satellite U405-S2878, Satellite U405-S2882, 
        Satellite U405-S2911, Satellite U405-S2915, Satellite U405-S29151, 
        Satellite U405-S29153, Satellite U405-S2918, Satellite U405-S2920, 
        Satellite U405-ST550W, Satellite U405D, Satellite U405D-S2846, 
        Satellite U405D-S2848, Satellite U405D-S2850, Satellite U405D-S2852, 
        Satellite U405D-S2863, Satellite U405D-S2870, Satellite U405D-S2874, 
        Satellite U405D-S2902, Satellite U405D-S2910

    Toshiba Satellite U500 Series

        Satellite U500-119, Satellite U500-11C

    Toshiba Satellite Pro M300 Series
        Satellite Pro M300, Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001V, Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001X, 
        Satellite Pro M300-S1002V, Satellite Pro M300-S1002X

    Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 Series

        Satellite Pro U400, Satellite Pro U400-10H, Satellite Pro U400-114, 
        Satellite Pro U400-11O, Satellite Pro U400-11V, Satellite Pro U400-122, 
        Satellite Pro U400-123, Satellite Pro U400-126, Satellite Pro U400-127, 
        Satellite Pro U400-12F, Satellite Pro U400-12Y, Satellite Pro U400-130, 
        Satellite Pro U400-13A, Satellite Pro U400-13D, Satellite Pro U400-13O, 
        Satellite Pro U400-142, Satellite Pro U400-153, Satellite Pro U400-15I, 
        Satellite Pro U400-15Q, Satellite Pro U400-17O, Satellite Pro U400-17Q, 
        Satellite Pro U400-18A, Satellite Pro U400-18B, Satellite Pro U400-18L, 
        Satellite Pro U400-18S, Satellite Pro U400-232, Satellite Pro U400-23X, 
        Satellite Pro U400-243, Satellite Pro U400-246, Satellite Pro U400-S1001V, 
        Satellite Pro U400-S1001X, Satellite Pro U400-S1002V, Satellite Pro U400-S1301

    Toshiba Satellite Pro U500 Series

        Satellite Pro U500-18T, Satellite Pro U500-18U, Satellite Pro U500-18V, 
        Satellite Pro U500-1DK, Satellite Pro U500-1E4, Satellite Pro U500-1E5

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