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Replacement for TOSHIBA Equium A210-17I, Equium L300-146, Satellite L581, L585, L586, Pro P300-1CG, TOSHIBA Equium A200, TOSHIBA Satellite A200, A205, A210, A215, A300, A305, A305D, A350, A350D, A355, A355D, A500, A500D, A505, A505D, L200, L300, L300D, L350, L305, L305D, L350, L450, L450D, L500, L500D, L505, L505D, L550, L550D, L555, L555D, M200, M205, TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A200, A210, A300, A300D, L300, L300D, L450, L450D, L500, L550 Series Laptop Battery

Replacement for TOSHIBA Equium A210-17I, Equium L300-146, Satellite L581, L585, L586, Pro P300-1CG, TOSHIBA Equium A200, TOSHIBA Satellite A200, A205, A210, A215, A300, A305, A305D, A350, A350D, A355, A355D, A500, A500D, A505, A505D, L200, L300, L300D, L350, L305, L305D, L350, L450, L450D, L500, L500D, L505, L505D, L550, L550D, L555, L555D, M200, M205, TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A200, A210, A300, A300D, L300, L300D, L450, L450D, L500, L550 Series Laptop Battery
Original Price: AU $82.19 Buy Today:AU $59.99

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3 Years Warranty

  • Product ID: AUSTB082
  • Compatible Part Numbers:
    PA3533U-1BAS, PA3533U-1BRS, PA3534U-1BAS, PA3534U-1BRS, PA3535U-1BAS, PA3535U-1BRS, PA3682U-1BRS, PA3727U-1BAS, PA3727U-1BRS, PABAS097, PABAS098, PABAS099, PABAS174, TS-A200

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 10.80V
  • Capacity: 8800mAh
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 275.60 x 47.60 x 42.30 mm
  • Weight: 588 g
  • Note: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
  • Inventory: In Stock
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    Toshiba Equium A210-17I, 
    Toshiba Equium L300-146, 
    Toshiba Equium L300-17Q,
    Toshiba Satellite L581,
    Toshiba Satellite L585,
    Toshiba Satellite L586,
    Toshiba Satellite Pro P300-1CG

    Toshiba Equium A200 Series
        Equium A200-15i, Equium A200-196, Equium A200-1AC, 
        Equium A200-26D

    Toshiba Satellite A200 Series
        Satellite A200-03V, Satellite A200-09V, Satellite A200-12F, 
        Satellite A200-13L, Satellite A200-13T, Satellite A200-13U, 
        Satellite A200-14V, Satellite A200-17X, Satellite A200-180,
        Satellite A200-182, Satellite A200-18T, Satellite A200-18V,
        Satellite A200-18W, Satellite A200-193, Satellite A200-19C, 
        Satellite A200-19I, Satellite A200-19K, Satellite A200-19M, 
        Satellite A200-1A9, Satellite A200-1AA, Satellite A200-1AB, 
        Satellite A200-1Ai, Satellite A200-1AS, Satellite A200-1BW, 
        Satellite A200-1CC, Satellite A200-1CG, Satellite A200-1DA, 
        Satellite A200-1DN, Satellite A200-1DQ, Satellite A200-1DR, 
        Satellite A200-1DS, Satellite A200-1DT, Satellite A200-1G6, 
        Satellite A200-1G9, Satellite A200-1GD, Satellite A200-1GF, 
        Satellite A200-1HU, Satellite A200-1NF, Satellite A200-1O5, 
        Satellite A200-1O6, Satellite A200-1O7, Satellite A200-1P6, 
        Satellite A200-1PB, Satellite A200-1PD, Satellite A200-1QU, 
        Satellite A200-1QZ, Satellite A200-1RK, Satellite A200-1SC, 
        Satellite A200-1SV, Satellite A200-1TB, Satellite A200-1TJ, 
        Satellite A200-1TO, Satellite A200-1UM, Satellite A200-1VC, 
        Satellite A200-1VD, Satellite A200-1VF, Satellite A200-1VG, 
        Satellite A200-1VP, Satellite A200-1VT, Satellite A200-1XO, 
        Satellite A200-1YO, Satellite A200-23H, Satellite A200-244, 
        Satellite A200-24W, Satellite A200-24X, Satellite A200-258, 
        Satellite A200-25B, Satellite A200-25C, Satellite A200-25P, 
        Satellite A200-25U, Satellite A200-25V, Satellite A200-25W, 
        Satellite A200-25X, Satellite A200-25Y, Satellite A200-25Z, 
        Satellite A200-260, Satellite A200-26J, Satellite A200-27R, 
        Satellite A200-27U, Satellite A200-27Z, Satellite A200-28E, 
        Satellite A200-28H, Satellite A200-28P, Satellite A200-298, 
        Satellite A200-29I, Satellite A200-29L, Satellite A200-2BL, 
        Satellite A200-2BO, Satellite A200-AH1, Satellite A200-AH3, 
        Satellite A200-AH6, Satellite A200-AH9, Satellite A200-JA1,
        Satellite A200-JA2, Satellite A200-M00, Satellite A200-SC3,
        Satellite A200-ST2041, Satellite A200-ST2042, Satellite A200-ST2043,
        Satellite A200-TH1, Satellite A200-TH5, Satellite A200-TH7, 
        Satellite A200-TJ7, Satellite A200-TR4, Satellite A200-TR6,
        Satellite A202, Satellite A203
    Toshiba Satellite A205 Series
        Satellite A205-S4537, Satellite A205-S4557, Satellite A205-S4567,
        Satellite A205-S4577, Satellite A205-S4578, Satellite A205-S4587,
        Satellite A205-S4597, Satellite A205-S4607, Satellite A205-S4617,
        Satellite A205-S4618, Satellite A205-S4629, Satellite A205-S4638,
        Satellite A205-S4639, Satellite A205-S4707, Satellite A205-S4777,
        Satellite A205-S4787, Satellite A205-S4797, Satellite A205-S5000,
        Satellite A205-S5800, Satellite A205-S5801, Satellite A205-S5803, 
        Satellite A205-S5804, Satellite A205-S5805, Satellite A205-S5806, 
        Satellite A205-S5809, Satellite A205-S5810, Satellite A205-S5811, 
        Satellite A205-S5812, Satellite A205-S5813, Satellite A205-S5814, 
        Satellite A205-S5816, Satellite A205-S5819, Satellite A205-S5821, 
        Satellite A205-S5823, Satellite A205-S5825, Satellite A205-S5831,
        Satellite A205-S5833, Satellite A205-S5835, Satellite A205-S5841,
        Satellite A205-S5843, Satellite A205-S5847, Satellite A205-S5851,
        Satellite A205-S5852, Satellite A205-S5853, Satellite A205-S5855,
        Satellite A205-S5859, Satellite A205-S5861, Satellite A205-S5863,
        Satellite A205-S5864, Satellite A205-S5866, Satellite A205-S5867,
        Satellite A205-S5871, Satellite A205-S5872, Satellite A205-S5878,
        Satellite A205-S5879, Satellite A205-S5880, Satellite A205-S6808, 
        Satellite A205-S6810, Satellite A205-S6812, Satellite A205-S7442, 
        Satellite A205-S7443, Satellite A205-S7456, Satellite A205-S7458, 
        Satellite A205-S7459, Satellite A205-S7464, Satellite A205-S7466, 
        Satellite A205-S7468

    Toshiba Satellite A210 Series
        Satellite A210-04F, Satellite A210-103, Satellite A210-106, 
        Satellite A210-109, Satellite A210-10A, Satellite A210-10C, 
        Satellite A210-10L, Satellite A210-10Y, Satellite A210-111, 
        Satellite A210-117, Satellite A210-11K, Satellite A210-11P, 
        Satellite A210-128, Satellite A210-12U, Satellite A210-12Z, 
        Satellite A210-130, Satellite A210-131, Satellite A210-135, 
        Satellite A210-149, Satellite A210-14T, Satellite A210-14U, 
        Satellite A210-151, Satellite A210-15A, Satellite A210-15Y, 
        Satellite A210-162, Satellite A210-165, Satellite A210-16C, 
        Satellite A210-16Y, Satellite A210-172, Satellite A210-173, 
        Satellite A210-17R, Satellite A210-17S, Satellite A210-17X, 
        Satellite A210-17Z, Satellite A210-198, Satellite A210-19T, 
        Satellite A210-19Z, Satellite A210-1A7, Satellite A210-1AA, 
        Satellite A210-1B4, Satellite A210-1B5, Satellite A210-1B7, 
        Satellite A210-1BA, Satellite A210-1BB, Satellite A210-1BC, 
        Satellite A210-1BD, Satellite A210-1BF, Satellite A210-1BH, 
        Satellite A210-1BP, Satellite A210-1BQ, Satellite A210-1BT, 
        Satellite A210-1BX, Satellite A210-1C0, Satellite A210-1C2, 
        Satellite A210-1C9, Satellite A210-1CA, Satellite A210-1CF, 
        Satellite A210-27M, Satellite A210-287, Satellite A210-JA0,
        Satellite A210-JA3, Satellite A210-MJ6, Satellite A210-MS6, 
        Satellite A210-ST0, Satellite A210-ST1616

    Toshiba Satellite A215 Series 
        Satellite A215-S4697, Satellite A215-S4717, Satellite A215-S4737,
        Satellite A215-S4747, Satellite A215-S4757, Satellite A215-S4767,
        Satellite A215-S4807, Satellite A215-S4817, Satellite A215-S48171,
        Satellite A215-S5802, Satellite A215-S5807, Satellite A215-S5808,
        Satellite A215-S5815, Satellite A215-S5817, Satellite A215-S5818,
        Satellite A215-S5822, Satellite A215-S5824, Satellite A215-S5825,
        Satellite A215-S5827, Satellite A215-S5828, Satellite A215-S5829, 
        Satellite A215-S5837, Satellite A215-S5839, Satellite A215-S5848,
        Satellite A215-S5849, Satellite A215-S5850, Satellite A215-S5857,
        Satellite A215-S6816, Satellite A215-S6820, Satellite A215-S7407,
        Satellite A215-S7411, Satellite A215-S7413, Satellite A215-S7416,
        Satellite A215-S7417, Satellite A215-S7425, Satellite A215-S7427,
        Satellite A215-S7428, Satellite A215-S7433, Satellite A215-S7437,
        Satellite A215-S7444, Satellite A215-S7447, Satellite A215-S7462,
        Satellite A215-S7472

    Toshiba Satellite A300 Series 
        Satellite A300-00Q, Satellite A300-02C, Satellite A300-02W,
        Satellite A300-047, Satellite A300-048, Satellite A300-05U, 
        Satellite A300-07G, Satellite A300-08V, Satellite A300-08W,
        Satellite A300-10M, Satellite A300-177, Satellite A300-18K,
        Satellite A300-19O, Satellite A300-19Q, Satellite A300-19R,
        Satellite A300-19W, Satellite A300-1BZ, Satellite A300-1DB,
        Satellite A300-1DC, Satellite A300-1DE, Satellite A300-1DG,
        Satellite A300-1FP, Satellite A300-1GC, Satellite A300-1HP,
        Satellite A300-1HV, Satellite A300-1IJ, Satellite A300-1IW,
        Satellite A300-1J1, Satellite A300-1JE, Satellite A300-1JF,
        Satellite A300-1KM, Satellite A300-1L0, Satellite A300-1MC,
        Satellite A300-1ME, Satellite A300-1MX, Satellite A300-1OM,
        Satellite A300-1OT, Satellite A300-1QD, Satellite A300-1QM,
        Satellite A300-1R2, Satellite A300-1RJ, Satellite A300-1RY,
        Satellite A300-1SO, Satellite A300-1SP, Satellite A300-201,
        Satellite A300-21H, Satellite A300-21I, Satellite A300-22F,
        Satellite A300-23U, Satellite A300-24J, Satellite A300-24L,
        Satellite A300-25G, Satellite A300-25K, Satellite A300-26R,
        Satellite A300-27H, Satellite A300-27M, Satellite A300-2CF,
        Satellite A300D-154, Satellite A300D-15B, Satellite A300D-17I,
        Satellite A300D-17L, Satellite A300-M01, Satellite A300-P01,
        Satellite A300-SD3, Satellite A300-SD5, Satellite A300-ST3501, 
        Satellite A300-ST3502, Satellite A300-ST3511, Satellite A300-ST3512, 
        Satellite A300-ST4004, Satellite A300-ST4505, Satellite A300-ST6511

    Toshiba Satellite A305 Series
        Satellite A305-S6825, Satellite A305-S6829, Satellite A305-S6833, 
        Satellite A305-S6834, Satellite A305-S6837, Satellite A305-S6839, 
        Satellite A305-S6841, Satellite A305-S6843, Satellite A305-S6844, 
        Satellite A305-S6845, Satellite A305-S6852, Satellite A305-S6853, 
        Satellite A305-S68531, Satellite A305-S6854, Satellite A305-S6855, 
        Satellite A305-S6857, Satellite A305-S6858, Satellite A305-S6859, 
        Satellite A305-S6860, Satellite A305-S6861, Satellite A305-S6862, 
        Satellite A305-S6863, Satellite A305-S6864, Satellite A305-S68641, 
        Satellite A305-S6872, Satellite A305-S6883, Satellite A305-S6894, 
        Satellite A305-S6898, Satellite A305-S6902, Satellite A305-S6903, 
        Satellite A305-S6905, Satellite A305-S6908, Satellite A305-S6909, 
        Satellite A305-S6916, Satellite A305-S6992E, Satellite A305-S6994E, 
        Satellite A305-S6996E, Satellite A305-S6997E, Satellite A305-ST551E

    Toshiba Satellite A305D Series
        Satellite A305D-S6831, Satellite A305D-S6835, Satellite A305D-S6847,
        Satellite A305D-S6848, Satellite A305D-S6849, Satellite A305D-S68491,
        Satellite A305D-S6851, Satellite A305D-S6856, Satellite A305D-S6865,
        Satellite A305D-S68651, Satellite A305D-S6867, Satellite A305D-S6875,
        Satellite A305D-S68751, Satellite A305D-S6878, Satellite A305D-S6880,
        Satellite A305D-S6886, Satellite A305D-S68861, Satellite A305D-S6914, 
        Satellite A305D-S6991E

    Toshiba Satellite A350 Series 
        Satellite A350-00X, Satellite A350-013, Satellite A350-01N, 
        Satellite A350-04S, Satellite A350-05R, Satellite A350-11N, 
        Satellite A350-122, Satellite A350-12J, Satellite A350-20N, 
        Satellite A350-20Q, Satellite A350-20S, Satellite A350-ST3601

    Toshiba Satellite A350D Series
        Satellite A350D-00J, Satellite A350D-202, Satellite A350D-203

    Toshiba Satellite A355 Series
        Satellite A355-S6879, Satellite A355-S6924, Satellite A355-S6925,
        Satellite A355-S69251, Satellite A355-S6926, Satellite A355-S6931,
        Satellite A355-S6935, Satellite A355-S6940, Satellite A355-S6943,
        Satellite A355-S6944, Satellite A355-S6998E, Satellite A355-ST661E

    Toshiba Satellite A355D Series 
        Satellite A355D-S6885, Satellite A355D-S6887, Satellite A355D-S6889,
        Satellite A355D-S6921, Satellite A355D-S6922, Satellite A355D-S69221,
        Satellite A355D-S6930, Satellite A355D-S69301

    Toshiba Satellite A500 Series
        Satellite A500-011, Satellite A500-01V, Satellite A500-01X, 
        Satellite A500-025, Satellite A500-027, Satellite A500-02E,
        Satellite A500-02F, Satellite A500-02J, Satellite A500-02L,
        Satellite A500-03P, Satellite A500-040, Satellite A500-042,
        Satellite A500-11U, Satellite A500-12C, Satellite A500-13W,
        Satellite A500-14H, Satellite A500-14K, Satellite A500-14L,
        Satellite A500-15H, Satellite A500-15M, Satellite A500-15N,
        Satellite A500-17X, Satellite A500-18T, Satellite A500-19D,
        Satellite A500-19E, Satellite A500-19L, Satellite A500-19N,
        Satellite A500-19X, Satellite A500-1DU, Satellite A500-1EC,
        Satellite A500-1F7, Satellite A500-1GL, Satellite A500-1GM,
        Satellite A500-1GP, Satellite A500-1GR, Satellite A500-ST5601,
        Satellite A500-ST5602, Satellite A500-ST5605, Satellite A500-ST5606,
        Satellite A500-ST5607, Satellite A500-ST5608, Satellite A500-ST6621,
        Satellite A500-ST6644, Satellite A500/031

    Toshiba Satellite A500D Series
        Satellite A500D, Satellite A500D-004

    Toshiba Satellite A505 Series
        Satellite A505-S6004, Satellite A505-S6005, Satellite A505-S6007,
        Satellite A505-S6009, Satellite A505-S6012, Satellite A505-S6014,
        Satellite A505-S6015, Satellite A505-S6016, Satellite A505-S6017, 
        Satellite A505-S6020, Satellite A505-S6025, Satellite A505-S6030,
        Satellite A505-S6031, Satellite A505-S6033, Satellite A505-S6034, 
        Satellite A505-S6035, Satellite A505-S6040, Satellite A505-S6960, 
        Satellite A505-S6965, Satellite A505-S6966, Satellite A505-S6967, 
        Satellite A505-S6969, Satellite A505-S6970, Satellite A505-S6971,
        Satellite A505-S6972, Satellite A505-S6973, Satellite A505-S6975,
        Satellite A505-S6976, Satellite A505-S6979, Satellite A505-S6980,
        Satellite A505-S6981, Satellite A505-S6982, Satellite A505-S6983, 
        Satellite A505-S6984, Satellite A505-S6985, Satellite A505-S6986,
        Satellite A505-S6989, Satellite A505-S6990, Satellite A505-S6991, 
        Satellite A505-S6992, Satellite A505-S6993, Satellite A505-S6995,
        Satellite A505-S6996, Satellite A505-S6997, Satellite A505-S6998,
        Satellite A505-S6999

    Toshiba Satellite A505D Series 
        Satellite A505D-S6008, Satellite A505D-S6958, Satellite A505D-S6968,
        Satellite A505D-S6987 
    Toshiba Satellite L200 Series 
        Satellite L201, Satellite L202, Satellite L203, Satellite L205

    Toshiba Satellite L300 Series
        Satellite L300-01R, Satellite L300-03C, Satellite L300-065,
        Satellite L300-07Q, Satellite L300-07R, Satellite L300-08M, 
        Satellite L300-0G1, Satellite L300-10Z, Satellite L300-11C, 
        Satellite L300-11P, Satellite L300-12B, Satellite L300-12K, 
        Satellite L300-12P, Satellite L300-12V, Satellite L300-13N,
        Satellite L300-13R, Satellite L300-13Y, Satellite L300-13Z, 
        Satellite L300-147, Satellite L300-148, Satellite L300-149, 
        Satellite L300-14C, Satellite L300-14G, Satellite L300-15N, 
        Satellite L300-16L, Satellite L300-176, Satellite L300-17F, 
        Satellite L300-17I, Satellite L300-180, Satellite L300-18D, 
        Satellite L300-18E, Satellite L300-19F, Satellite L300-19N, 
        Satellite L300-19U, Satellite L300-19Y, Satellite L300-1AP, 
        Satellite L300-1AQ, Satellite L300-1AR, Satellite L300-1AS, 
        Satellite L300-1AX, Satellite L300-1BD, Satellite L300-1BG, 
        Satellite L300-1BV, Satellite L300-1BW, Satellite L300-1CM, 
        Satellite L300-1CU, Satellite L300-1DI, Satellite L300-1DN, 
        Satellite L300-1DU, Satellite L300-1ES, Satellite L300-1FS, 
        Satellite L300-1G4, Satellite L300-1G5, Satellite L300-1G6, 
        Satellite L300-1G8, Satellite L300-1G9, Satellite L300-1GC, 
        Satellite L300-20A, Satellite L300-20D, Satellite L300-20W, 
        Satellite L300-214, Satellite L300-215, Satellite L300-217, 
        Satellite L300-218, Satellite L300-21C, Satellite L300-21H, 
        Satellite L300-226, Satellite L300-227, Satellite L300-229, 
        Satellite L300-22T, Satellite L300-22U, Satellite L300-22X, 
        Satellite L300-23F, Satellite L300-245, Satellite L300-24W, 
        Satellite L300-25G, Satellite L300-25H, Satellite L300-26G, 
        Satellite L300-26K, Satellite L300-26M, Satellite L300-278, 
        Satellite L300-27U, Satellite L300-28R, Satellite L300-29T, 
        Satellite L300-29V, Satellite L300-29W, Satellite L300-29X, 
        Satellite L300-2C1, Satellite L300-2CP, Satellite L300-2CW, 
        Satellite L300-2CZ, Satellite L300-2DR, Satellite L300-2EL, 
        Satellite L300-2F5, Satellite L300-700, Satellite L300-900,
        Satellite L300-F00, Satellite L300-R00, Satellite L300-S00, 
        Satellite L300-ST2501, Satellite L300-ST3502

    Toshiba Satellite L300D Series 
        Satellite L300D-01N, Satellite L300D-01P, Satellite L300D-01Q,
        Satellite L300D-038, Satellite L300D-03K, Satellite L300D-03T,
        Satellite L300D-061, Satellite L300D-10Q, Satellite L300D-11V, 
        Satellite L300D-12I, Satellite L300D-12L, Satellite L300D-13S, 
        Satellite L300D-202, Satellite L300D-21X, Satellite L300D-222, 
        Satellite L300D-242, Satellite L300D-243, Satellite L300D-24Q, 
        Satellite L300D-MH1, Satellite L300D-ST3501, Satellite L300D-ST3503

    Toshiba Satellite L305 Series
        Satellite L305-S5865, Satellite L305-S5875, Satellite L305-S5876,
        Satellite L305-S5877, Satellite L305-S5883, Satellite L305-S5884,
        Satellite L305-S5885, Satellite L305-S5888, Satellite L305-S5891,
        Satellite L305-S5894, Satellite L305-S5896, Satellite L305-S5899,
        Satellite L305-S5901, Satellite L305-S5902, Satellite L305-S5903,
        Satellite L305-S5905, Satellite L305-S5906, Satellite L305-S5907,
        Satellite L305-S59071, Satellite L305-S5908, Satellite L305-S5909,
        Satellite L305-S5911, Satellite L305-S5912, Satellite L305-S5913,
        Satellite L305-S5915, Satellite L305-S5916, Satellite L305-S5917,
        Satellite L305-S5918, Satellite L305-S5919, Satellite L305-S5920,
        Satellite L305-S5921, Satellite L305-S5924, Satellite L305-S5926,
        Satellite L305-S5929, Satellite L305-S5931, Satellite L305-S5933, 
        Satellite L305-S5937, Satellite L305-S5939, Satellite L305-S5941,
        Satellite L305-S5942, Satellite L305-S5943, Satellite L305-S5944,
        Satellite L305-S5945, Satellite L305-S5946, Satellite L305-S5947,
        Satellite L305-S5948, Satellite L305-S59512, Satellite L305-S5955,
        Satellite L305-S5956, Satellite L305-S5957, Satellite L305-S5958,
        Satellite L305-S5960, Satellite L305-S5961, Satellite L305-S5962,
        Satellite L305-S5968, Satellite L305-S5970

    Toshiba Satellite L305D Series
        Satellite L305D-S5868, Satellite L305D-S5869, Satellite L305D-S5870, 
        Satellite L305D-S5873, Satellite L305D-S5874, Satellite L305D-S5881, 
        Satellite L305D-S5882, Satellite L305D-S58821, Satellite L305D-S5889,
        Satellite L305D-S5890, Satellite L305D-S5892, Satellite L305D-S5893,
        Satellite L305D-S5895, Satellite L305D-S5897, Satellite L305D-S5900,
        Satellite L305D-S5904, Satellite L305D-S5914, Satellite L305D-S59143,
        Satellite L305D-S5922, Satellite L305D-S59222, Satellite L305D-S5923,
        Satellite L305D-S5925, Satellite L305D-S5927, Satellite L305D-S5928,
        Satellite L305D-S5930, Satellite L305D-S5932, Satellite L305D-S5934,
        Satellite L305D-S5935, Satellite L305D-S5938, Satellite L305D-S5940,
        Satellite L305D-S5943, Satellite L305D-S5949, Satellite L305D-S5950,
        Satellite L305D-S5959, Satellite L305D-S5974

    Toshiba Satellite L350 Series 
        Satellite L350-106, Satellite L350-14Y,
        Satellite L350-16A

    Toshiba Satellite L450 Series 
        Satellite L450-01M, Satellite L450-02T, Satellite L450-136, 
        Satellite L450-137, Satellite L450-16K, Satellite L450-16Q, 
        Satellite L450-181, Satellite L450-188, Satellite L450-18D

    Toshiba Satellite L450D Series
        Satellite L450D-113, Satellite L450D-114, Satellite L450D-119,
        Satellite L450D-11G, Satellite L450D-11H, Satellite L450D-11V,
        Satellite L450D-11W, Satellite L450D-11X, Satellite L450D-128,
        Satellite L450D-13G, Satellite L450D-13P, Satellite L450D-13X,
        Satellite L450D-13Z

    Toshiba Satellite L455 Series 
        Satellite L455, Satellite L455-S1591, Satellite L455-S1592, 
        Satellite L455-S5000, Satellite L455-S5008, Satellite L455-S5009, 
        Satellite L455-S5980, Satellite L455-S5981, Satellite L455-S5989 

    Toshiba Satellite L455D Series 

        Satellite L455D, Satellite L455D-S5976

    Toshiba Satellite L500 Series 
        Satellite L500-00E, Satellite L500D-00F, Satellite L500-00V, 
        Satellite L500-00X, Satellite L500-017, Satellite L500-018, 
        Satellite L500-01V, Satellite L500-02T, Satellite L500-076, 
        Satellite L500-11N, Satellite L500-11V, Satellite L500-120, 
        Satellite L500-128, Satellite L500-131, Satellite L500-13N, 
        Satellite L500-13V, Satellite L500-13Z, Satellite L500-14N, 
        Satellite L500-153, Satellite L500-154, Satellite L500-164, 
        Satellite L500-17C, Satellite L500-19E, Satellite L500-19R, 
        Satellite L500-19U, Satellite L500-19X, Satellite L500-19Z, 
        Satellite L500-1C3, Satellite L500-1C7, Satellite L500-1CQ, 
        Satellite L500-1D7, Satellite L500-1DT, Satellite L500-1QH, 
        Satellite L500-1QK, Satellite L500-1TC, Satellite L500-1UR, 
        Satellite L500-1V9, Satellite L500-1WG, Satellite L500-1XC, 
        Satellite L500-1XD, Satellite L500-1XJ, Satellite L500-1XL, 
        Satellite L500-1XM, Satellite L500-1Z5, Satellite L500-1Z9, 
        Satellite L500-1ZC, Satellite L500-207, Satellite L500-208, 
        Satellite L500-20X, Satellite L500-20Z, Satellite L500-237, 
        Satellite L500-24C, Satellite L500-ST2521, Satellite L500-ST2543, 
        Satellite L500-ST2544, Satellite L500-ST5505, Satellite L500-ST5507

    Toshiba Satellite L500D Series 
        Satellite L500D-11E, Satellite L500D-11P, Satellite L500D-11Q,
        Satellite L500D-11R, Satellite L500D-12T, Satellite L500D-13C,
        Satellite L500D-13H, Satellite L500D-13J, Satellite L500D-13K,
        Satellite L500D-13M, Satellite L500D-144, Satellite L500D-14W, 
        Satellite L500D-164, Satellite L500D-16L, Satellite L500D-16M,
        Satellite L500D-17E, Satellite L500D-17N, Satellite L500D-180, 
        Satellite L500D-183, Satellite L500D-ST2531, Satellite L500D-ST2532,
        Satellite L500D-ST2543, Satellite L500D-ST5501, Satellite L500D-ST5505,
        Satellite L500D-ST5506, Satellite L500D-ST55X1, Satellite L500D-ST5600

    Toshiba Satellite L505 Series
        Satellite L505-10J, Satellite L505-11D, Satellite L505-138,
        Satellite L505-144, Satellite L505-ES5011, Satellite L505-ES5012, 
        Satellite L505-ES5015, Satellite L505-ES5016, Satellite L505-ES5018, 
        Satellite L505-ES5033, Satellite L505-ES5034, Satellite L505-ES5036, 
        Satellite L505-ES5042, Satellite L505-GS5035, Satellite L505-GS5037, 
        Satellite L505-GS5038, Satellite L505-GS5039, Satellite L505-GS6002, 
        Satellite L505-LS5014, Satellite L505-LS5017, Satellite L505-S5964, 
        Satellite L505-S5966, Satellite L505-S5967, Satellite L505-S5969, 
        Satellite L505-S5971, Satellite L505-S5982, Satellite L505-S5984, 
        Satellite L505-S5988, Satellite L505-S5990, Satellite L505-S5993, 
        Satellite L505-S5995, Satellite L505-S5997, Satellite L505-S5998, 
        Satellite L505-S5999, Satellite L505-S6946, Satellite L505-S6951, 
        Satellite L505-S6953, Satellite L505-S6954, Satellite L505-S6955, 
        Satellite L505-S6956, Satellite L505-S6959, Satellite L505-S6962 
    Toshiba Satellite L505D Series
        Satellite L505D-109, Satellite L505D-ES5024, Satellite L505D-ES5025, 
        Satellite L505D-ES5026, Satellite L505D-ES5027, Satellite L505D-GS6000, 
        Satellite L505D-GS6003, Satellite L505D-LS5001, Satellite L505D-LS5002, 
        Satellite L505D-LS5003, Satellite L505D-LS5004, Satellite L505D-LS5005, 
        Satellite L505D-LS5006, Satellite L505D-LS5007, Satellite L505D-LS5010, 
        Satellite L505D-LS5019, Satellite L505D-S5963, Satellite L505D-S5965, 
        Satellite L505D-S6947, Satellite L505D-S6948, Satellite L505D-S6952, 
        Satellite L505D-S5983, Satellite L505D-S5985, Satellite L505D-S5986, 
        Satellite L505D-S5987, Satellite L505D-S5992, Satellite L505D-S5994, 
        Satellite L505D-S5996, Satellite L500D/015, Satellite L500D/01C

    Toshiba Satellite L550 Series
        Satellite L550-00N, Satellite L550-00P, Satellite L550-00Q, 
        Satellite L550-00Y, Satellite L550-05C, Satellite L550-0CD,
        Satellite L550-10N, Satellite L550-113, Satellite L550-11C, 
        Satellite L550-11E, Satellite L550-11J, Satellite L550-11K, 
        Satellite L550-130, Satellite L550-13U, Satellite L550-13V, 
        Satellite L550-1C9, Satellite L550-1CC, Satellite L550-1CF, 
        Satellite L550-1CW, Satellite L550-204, Satellite L550-207, 
        Satellite L550-20W, Satellite L550-21D, Satellite L550-ST2721, 
        Satellite L550-ST2722, Satellite L550-ST2743, Satellite L550-ST2744, 
        Satellite L550-ST5701, Satellite L550-ST5702, Satellite L550-ST5707, 
        Satellite L550-ST5708

    Toshiba Satellite L550D Series
        Satellite L550D-008, Satellite L550D-00W, Satellite L550D-10G,
        Satellite L550D-11F, Satellite L550D-11N, Satellite L550D-12E, 
        Satellite L550D-136, Satellite L550D-13V
    Toshiba Satellite L555 Series
        Satellite L555-10K, Satellite L555-10M, Satellite L555-10N,
        Satellite L555-10R, Satellite L555-10Z, Satellite L555-110,
        Satellite L555-11K, Satellite L555-11L, Satellite L555-11Q,
        Satellite L555-12P, Satellite L555-12V, Satellite L555-S7001, 
        Satellite L555-S7002, Satellite L555-S7008, Satellite L555-S7010, 
        Satellite L555-S7916, Satellite L555-S7918, Satellite L555-S7929, 
        Satellite L555-S7945

    Toshiba Satellite L555D Series 
        Satellite L555D-S7005, Satellite L555D-S7006, Satellite L555D-S7909, 
        Satellite L555D-S7910, Satellite L555D-S7912, Satellite L555D-S7930,
        Satellite L555D-S7932

    Toshiba Satellite M200 Series
        Satellite M200-ST2001, Satellite M200-ST2002, Satellite M202,
        Satellite M203, Satellite M206, Satellite M207, Satellite M208, 
        Satellite M209, Satellite M211, Satellite M212, Satellite M215, 
        Satellite M216

    Toshiba Satellite M205 Series 
        Satellite M205-S3207, Satellite M205-S3217, Satellite M205-S4804,
        Satellite M205-S4805, Satellite M205-S4806, Satellite M205-S7452,
        Satellite M205-S7453

    Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 Series 
        Satellite Pro A200-01H, Satellite Pro A200-10E, Satellite Pro A200-10J, 
        Satellite Pro A200-11F, Satellite Pro A200-16B, Satellite Pro A200-16N, 
        Satellite Pro A200-16Y, Satellite Pro A200-16Z, Satellite Pro A200-172, 
        Satellite Pro A200-188, Satellite Pro A200-18P, Satellite Pro A200-1AQ, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1ER, Satellite Pro A200-1ET, Satellite Pro A200-1F7, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1F9, Satellite Pro A200-1FA, Satellite Pro A200-1H4, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1JW, Satellite Pro A200-1K4, Satellite Pro A200-1KC, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1KD, Satellite Pro A200-1KF, Satellite Pro A200-1KQ, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1KW, Satellite Pro A200-1LZ, Satellite Pro A200-1MN, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1MT, Satellite Pro A200-1MV, Satellite Pro A200-1OJ, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1PN, Satellite Pro A200-1PO, Satellite Pro A200-1PP, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1PR, Satellite Pro A200-1PS, Satellite Pro A200-1RP, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1SW, Satellite Pro A200-1TC, Satellite Pro A200-1TL, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1TM, Satellite Pro A200-1U4, Satellite Pro A200-1VK, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1X1, Satellite Pro A200-1X2, Satellite Pro A200-1YK, 
        Satellite Pro A200-1YY, Satellite Pro A200-1ZN, Satellite Pro A200-22E, 
        Satellite Pro A200-22P, Satellite Pro A200-22Q, Satellite Pro A200-246, 
        Satellite Pro A200-261, Satellite Pro A200-264, Satellite Pro A200-26P, 
        Satellite Pro A200-26Q, Satellite Pro A200-CH1, Satellite Pro A200-CH3,
        Satellite Pro A200-CH5, Satellite Pro A200-CH6, Satellite Pro A200-CH7,
        Satellite Pro A200-EZ2204X, Satellite Pro A200-EZ2205X, Satellite Pro A200GE-1F9,
        Satellite Pro A200GE-24S, Satellite Pro A200HD-1U3, Satellite Pro A200HD-1U4,
        Satellite Pro A200SE-16Z, Satellite Pro A200SE-1F7, Satellite Pro A200SE-1H4,
        Satellite Pro A200SE-1PS, Satellite Pro A200SE-1TC, Satellite Pro A200SE-1X6,
        Satellite Pro A200SE-1X8, Satellite Pro A200SE-24R, Satellite Pro A200-T01,
        Satellite Pro A200-T03

    Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 Series 
        Satellite Pro A210-0130, Satellite Pro A210-16V, Satellite Pro A210-16W, 
        Satellite Pro A210-175, Satellite Pro A210-176, Satellite Pro A210-18M,
        Satellite Pro A210-19W, Satellite Pro A210-1A3, Satellite Pro A210-1A5, 
        Satellite Pro A210-1AZ, Satellite Pro A210-1B1, Satellite Pro A210-1B3,
        Satellite Pro A210-1BV, Satellite Pro A210-1C7, Satellite Pro A210-1C8, 
        Satellite Pro A210-EZ2201, Satellite Pro A210-EZ2202X, Satellite Pro A210-EZ2203X

    Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 Series
        Satellite Pro A300-108, Satellite Pro A300-12H, Satellite Pro A300-14Z,
        Satellite Pro A300-192, Satellite Pro A300-193, Satellite Pro A300-194,
        Satellite Pro A300-195, Satellite Pro A300-1A8, Satellite Pro A300-1BQ,
        Satellite Pro A300-1BR, Satellite Pro A300-1BS, Satellite Pro A300-1BT,
        Satellite Pro A300-1C1, Satellite Pro A300-1C2, Satellite Pro A300-1CP,
        Satellite Pro A300-1DZ, Satellite Pro A300-1E0, Satellite Pro A300-1E7, 
        Satellite Pro A300-1EA, Satellite Pro A300-1FZ, Satellite Pro A300-1G0, 
        Satellite Pro A300-1HD, Satellite Pro A300-1HE, Satellite Pro A300-1LW, 
        Satellite Pro A300-1NG, Satellite Pro A300-1NH, Satellite Pro A300-1O9, 
        Satellite Pro A300-1OP, Satellite Pro A300-1OQ, Satellite Pro A300-1PW,
        Satellite Pro A300-1RR, Satellite Pro A300-1RS, Satellite Pro A300-1S8,
        Satellite Pro A300-1SX, Satellite Pro A300-229, Satellite Pro A300-22C,
        Satellite Pro A300-22E, Satellite Pro A300-249, Satellite Pro A300-257,
        Satellite Pro A300-25E, Satellite Pro A300-28R, Satellite Pro A300-2C2,
        Satellite Pro A300-2C3, Satellite Pro A300-2C4, Satellite Pro A300-2C5,
        Satellite Pro A300-2C8, Satellite Pro A300-2E3

    Toshiba Satellite Pro A300D Series
        Satellite Pro A300D-11R, Satellite Pro A300D-131, Satellite Pro A300D-132,
        Satellite Pro A300D-13E, Satellite Pro A300D-13S, Satellite Pro A300D-14N,
        Satellite Pro A300D-14O, Satellite Pro A300D-15U

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 Series 
        Satellite Pro L300-128, Satellite Pro L300-12F, Satellite Pro L300-12H,
        Satellite Pro L300-12I, Satellite Pro L300-12X, Satellite Pro L300-141,
        Satellite Pro L300-151, Satellite Pro L300-152, Satellite Pro L300-153,
        Satellite Pro L300-154, Satellite Pro L300-155, Satellite Pro L300-156,
        Satellite Pro L300-15E, Satellite Pro L300-161, Satellite Pro L300-19K, 
        Satellite Pro L300-19Q, Satellite Pro L300-19R, Satellite Pro L300-19S, 
        Satellite Pro L300-1AD, Satellite Pro L300-1AF, Satellite Pro L300-1AI, 
        Satellite Pro L300-1AU, Satellite Pro L300-1CN, Satellite Pro L300-1DS,
        Satellite Pro L300-1FJ, Satellite Pro L300-1FK, Satellite Pro L300-1FL,
        Satellite Pro L300-1FN, Satellite Pro L300-1FO, Satellite Pro L300-1G2,
        Satellite Pro L300-21F, Satellite Pro L300-22N, Satellite Pro L300-23L,
        Satellite Pro L300-23M, Satellite Pro L300-25K, Satellite Pro L300-26H,
        Satellite Pro L300-26P, Satellite Pro L300-26Q, Satellite Pro L300-26R,
        Satellite Pro L300-26W, Satellite Pro L300-28U, Satellite Pro L300-28W,
        Satellite Pro L300-291, Satellite Pro L300-292, Satellite Pro L300-293,
        Satellite Pro L300-294, Satellite Pro L300-296, Satellite Pro L300-297,
        Satellite Pro L300-298, Satellite Pro L300-299, Satellite Pro L300-29C,
        Satellite Pro L300-29D, Satellite Pro L300-29H, Satellite Pro L300-2CH,
        Satellite Pro L300-2CJ, Satellite Pro L300-2E5, Satellite Pro L300-EZ1501, 
        Satellite Pro L300-EZ1502

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D Series 
        Satellite Pro L300D-11I, Satellite Pro L300D-11N, Satellite Pro L300D-11O,
        Satellite Pro L300D-120, Satellite Pro L300D-12H, Satellite Pro L300D-136, 
        Satellite Pro L300D-138, Satellite Pro L300D-13C, Satellite Pro L300D-14U,
        Satellite Pro L300D-20R, Satellite Pro L300D-21J, Satellite Pro L300D-21R, 
        Satellite Pro L300D-21U, Satellite Pro L300D-224, Satellite Pro L300D-225,
        Satellite Pro L300D-22E, Satellite Pro L300D-22Z, Satellite Pro L300D-236,
        Satellite Pro L300D-23X, Satellite Pro L300D-248, Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1001V,
        Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1002V, Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1002X, 
        Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1003V, Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1003X, 
        Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1006V

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L350 Series
        Satellite Pro L350-16N, Satellite Pro L350-16P,
        Satellite Pro L350-181

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L450 Series 
        Satellite Pro L450-13L, Satellite Pro L450-13M, Satellite Pro L450-13P, 
        Satellite Pro L450-13Q, Satellite Pro L450-13R, Satellite Pro L450-179,
        Satellite Pro L450-17K, Satellite Pro L450-17L, Satellite Pro L450-17P,
        Satellite Pro L450-17Q, Satellite Pro L450-17R, Satellite Pro L450-EZ1510, 
        Satellite Pro L450-EZ1522, Satellite Pro L450-EZ1541, Satellite Pro L450-EZ1542,
        Satellite Pro L450-EZ1543

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D Series
        Satellite Pro L450D-11J, Satellite Pro L450D-11K, Satellite Pro L450D-12T,
        Satellite Pro L450D-12X, Satellite Pro L450D-14F, Satellite Pro L450D-14V,
        Satellite Pro L450D-14X, Satellite Pro L450D-14Z

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 Series
        Satellite Pro L500-00V, Satellite Pro L500-013, Satellite Pro L500-196, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1CG, Satellite Pro L500-1CJ, Satellite Pro L500-1D1, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1D2, Satellite Pro L500-1D3, Satellite Pro L500-1D4, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1D6, Satellite Pro L500-1RE, Satellite Pro L500-1RF, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1RG, Satellite Pro L500-1RH, Satellite Pro L500-1RJ, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1RL, Satellite Pro L500-1RV, Satellite Pro L500-1T1, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1T2, Satellite Pro L500-1T3, Satellite Pro L500-1T5, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1T6, Satellite Pro L500-1TX, Satellite Pro L500-1VT, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1VV, Satellite Pro L500-1VW, Satellite Pro L500-1VX, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1VZ, Satellite Pro L500-1W2, Satellite Pro L500-1W4, 
        Satellite Pro L500-1W7, Satellite Pro L500-1W8, Satellite Pro L500-EZ1520, 
        Satellite Pro L500-EZ1530

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L550 Series
        Satellite Pro L550-008, Satellite Pro L550-009, Satellite Pro L550-00P,
        Satellite Pro L550-00Q, Satellite Pro L550-00V, Satellite Pro L550-010,
        Satellite Pro L550-011, Satellite Pro L550-0X0, Satellite Pro L550-13D, 
        Satellite Pro L550-13M, Satellite Pro L550-142, Satellite Pro L550-165, 
        Satellite Pro L550-17E, Satellite Pro L550-17R, Satellite Pro L550-17T, 
        Satellite Pro L550-17U, Satellite Pro L550-17V, Satellite Pro L550-199, 
        Satellite Pro L550-19D, Satellite Pro L550-19E, Satellite Pro L550-19T, 
        Satellite Pro L550-19Z, Satellite Pro L550-1C1, Satellite Pro L550-21F, 
        Satellite Pro L550-EZ1702, Satellite Pro L550-EZ1703


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